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whaaa [Friday the 26th

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[Thursday the 24th
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[Friday the 2nd
I've got a terrible fever, and the flu and I'm going to start my period today! My temperature was 102, and a half hour later it was down to 96.

I've been awake since 5:00 this morning. I work in a few hours, from 9-5.

today is going to be so painful.

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[Thursday the 25th

Hello, summer.

What is everyone's plans?
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[Wednesday the 24th
Oooh! New friends, you are all so wonderful. This is exciting!
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[Wednesday the 12th

I don't update enough.(ever) 

- I got a job at Eckerd's drug store, where i work 5-6 days a week. 

- I am still in school full time, but I just dropped-with-pass my spanish class, so thats a load off my mind. 

- I am madly in love.

- After being out of high school for two years, I am going to my first prom. it's in two weeks. 

- im very excited.

[Wednesday the 24th
today I am 19 years old!!
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[Friday the 8th

Being that we each get just one life, do you guys think it makes more sense to treat our mind, body and soul with the utmost respect (even if that means leading a somewhat tedious, dry life) in order to extend the period of time we walk this earth- OR, do you think we should live as carefree and wild (within reason, of course, heading to necessary responsibilities, but possibly disregarding our physical, or spiritual needs) as we wish because life will not last forever?

Please share your thoughts with me.
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[Sunday the 22nd

my friend sarah's birthday at Depot Bay

tons of pictures.Collapse )

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[Friday the 24th
i ran my dad's Lexus into the side of the garage.
god dammit, on christmas eve?
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